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HandDee-SA (PPC) Spectrum Analyzer 2.0.4

HandDee-SA (PPC) Spectrum Analyzer 2.0.4

HandDee-SA (PPC) Spectrum Analyzer Publisher's Description

The HandDee Spectrum Analyzer generates real-time fading frequency spectrum or scrolling spectrogram on the pocket PC. An intelligent wave monitor window gives you a stable waveform display. Smart peaking envelopes are provided for music monitor and audio system calibration. HandDee features makes speaker system frequency response & IM (intermodulation) distortion check a snap.
More HandDee than standalone RTA (real time analyser).

Features Highlight:
  • Works with MediaPlayer and most MP3 players running in the background (Model dependent).
  • Waveform, fundamental frequency information readout, plus either spectrum analyser or spectrogram display.
  • Fast update rate. Normally about 6-20 spectrum plots per second depending on Pocket PC model.
  • HandDee one-touch background sound removal substracts background sound level to reveal the real signal.
  • The program intelligently subtracts white noise in the environment as well as digitising noise and interference of the Pocket PC.
  • HandDee one-touch auto dB ranging let's you get the best view of the spectrum.
  • Fading effect reveals trends in waveform and spectrum plots.
  • Transition effect has excellent quality and is even better than long persistence phosphor used in oscilloscopes.
  • Pause function for detailed inspection of waveform, spectrogram or spectrum display.
  • Support for Xscale, ARM, MIPS (Casio E-115 & E-125) and SH3 (HP 54x) machines.
  • Small program size.
  • Free Sound Test Files for download



Other Features:
  1. Waveform Display features
    • HandDee intelligent display with automatic triggering shows stable sound samples upon receiving stable sound input.
    • HandDee automatic scaling to expand low level sound signal for easy examination.
    • 10ms waveform display suitable for analyzing speech and singing.

  2. Frequency readout
    • HandDee fundamental frequency measurement with overtone rejection.
    • Loudest note display when multiple sounds detected.
    • Accuracy of about 0.5% or 1Hz, 10 times better than Fourier Transform.
    • HandDee musical note and error display in the standard 12 Equal Temperament Chromatic scale. E.g. G# -15 cents.
    • HandDee automatic highlight when notes are detected.

  3. Spectrum Display features
    • Grid lines can be turned on or turned off.
    • HandDee musical sound peak power envelop.
    • HandDee intelligent calibration envelop for frequency response sweeping.

  4. Spectrogram Display features
    • Fine tuned color coding scheme to highlight formant peaks and harmonic development of vowels in singing.
    • Calibrated reference color bar for reading dB level of spectrogram.
    • Smooth scrolling of spectrogram across screen.

  5. Analyzer settings

    • HandDee automatic start program in last option settings.
    • Selectable 11KHz or 22KHz spectrum analyser sampling for PPC2002 models.
    • LOG/linear frequency scale selection.
    • Adjustable dB range from 0-100dB.
    • Turn on/off dB scale and grid lines.
    • HandDee preset analysis parameters for frequency and time averaging.
    • Narrow band frequency analysis for accurate pitch measurement.
    • General purpose medium band frequency analysis in monitoring musical performance or recordings.
    • Wide band frequency analysis to clearly see the formant peaks of vowel sound.
    • Short time averaging to detect transient or one-time events.
    • Medium time averaging follows music changes quickly while smoothing out noise and vibrato.
    • Long time averaging shows persistent sound and general background noise level.

  1. PocketPC recording noise identification and removal Set TIME AVERAGE to MEDIUM or LONG, FREQ SCALE to LINEAR, select SPECTRUM ANALYZER display, then turn on frequency and dB grid by tapping on the respective bottom icons. Spectral peaks of frequency and amplitude of pocketPC internal sampling noise becomes clear. Tab background noise subtraction icon. The spectral peaks will disappear.

  2. Plot Hi-Fi or speaker system frequency response profile Download and play "Frequency sweep.wma" Sound Test File in endless loop using Media Player. Feed audio output to speaker system or headphone. Set TIME AVERAGE to SHORT, FREQ RESOLUTION to MEDIUM (for PPC) or NARROW (PPC2002), PEAK PROFILING to CALIBRATE, adjust volume until a large amplitude waveform without peak clipping is shown in the upper screen. In a few seconds, the peaking envelop gives the frequency response profile of the audio system. Select LOG or LINEAR scale to see clearly the low and high frequency response.

  3. Detect persistent noise of audio studio Set TIME AVERAGE to LONG and PEAK PROFILING to CALIBRATE. Select SPECTRUM ANALYZER display. Switch between LOG freq scale to detect hums and LINEAR freq scale to discover buzz noise. When suspect noise is found, move the PocketPC around to find the location of maximum noise amplitude where the source of noise is. Take readings of the noise amplitude, remove suspect noise source and see whether the noise amplitude has reduced.

  4. Setting up for vocal training Set TIME AVERAGE to SHORT or MEDIUM and FREQ RESOLUTION to NARROW or MEDIUM. Select SPECTROGRAM display. Keep quiet and tab on the noise subtraction icon to remove internal sampling noise that clutters the spectrogram. Then sing at the loudest level and tab the Auto dB range setting icon.

  5. Setting up for music enjoyment Play your favorite music using Media Player or other audio players. Start HandDee Spectrum Analyzer. Set PEAK PROFILING to MUSIC. Select SPECTRUM ANALYZER display. The PocketPC becomes a Hi-Fi with real-time spectrum analyser. Alternatively, you can play music from your computer or Hi-Fi and the PocketPC becomes a signal monitor.

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